Windows XP based Embedded Operating System Support 

I've just posted an article on the impact of the end of support of Windows XP on the Windows Embedded operating systems that are based on Windows XP.

I strongly encourage customers who are using any Windows XP based operating system to understand the impact of the end of extended support for Windows XP on their system. We will continue to issue critical security fixes for these operating systems until their published extended support end dates. However there are many different parts that make up an intelligent system including other software and services, so it is important to ensure those parts of the system also continue to be supported.  

With the end of extended support for the XP based embedded operating systems now within sight now is the time to start to plan for replacing these systems with a newer product such as Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry which offers the latest functionality and security of Windows which has come a long way since Windows XP was released.


Where's Dave been?

It's a long time since I've posted on this blog and I intend to address that with more frequent posts on the work that we are doing to ensure Windows Embedded systems are supported.

I'm currently responsible for lifecycle and sustained engineering of Windows Embedded Standard and Industry products. This includes ensuring that critical security updates are issued and available to our customers. As Windows XP reaches the end of its life I'll have more to say about the impact it will have on the Windows Embedded ecosystem. This includes such issues as activation server availability and support for other parts of the system. If there's a particular aspect of this work that you'd like to understand then please let me know.