April, 2003

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    On Monday I passed my last test for MCSD - 70-315 Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET . These tests are almost as much about your test taking skills as they are about your knowledge...
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    Essential ASP.NET - Fritz Onion

    I'm reading Fritz Onion's book - Essential ASP.NET . The book is terrific. It is probably the last ASP.NET book that I will ever buy. This book explains behind the scenes details that are not shown elsewhere. It is also well organized and well written...
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    MCSD Certification

    I passed the 70-300 Exam - Solution Architecture. The exam is too easy. Without giving away details about the test, just trust me that it is little more than a reading comprehension test. All MCS Consultants are required to take these tests. I pulled...
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    Semantic Meaning and Interrop

    WRT interoperability between data and systems, perhaps the government gets it, and we in the technology industry haven't figured it out yet? I read an interesting paper yesterday IAC Interoperability Strategy . The report was forwarded to me by one...
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    Computer Games harmful to rest of your life?

    It has been several weeks since I have written anything in my BLOG. Since then I've had an interesting trip to NYC to visit the counter-terrorism center. During the 9-5 I've been mostly writing a marketing/vision document. All very mundane stuff. But...
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