I have been chosen; Farewell my friends...

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I have been chosen; Farewell my friends...

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I have been in Premier Field Engineering for nearly 7 years (it was not even called PFE when I joined - it was just "another type of support"...) and I have to admit that it has been a fun, fun ride: I worked with awesome people and managed to make a difference with our products and services for many customers - directly working with some of those customers, as well as indirectly thru the OpsMgr Health Check program - the service I led for the last 3+ years, which nowadays gets delivered hundreds of times a year around the globe by my other fellow PFEs.

But it is time to move on: I have decided to go thru a big life change for me and my family, and I won't be working as a Premier Field Engineer anymore as of next week.

But don't panic - I am staying at Microsoft!

I have actually never been closer to Microsoft than now: we are packing and moving to Seattle the coming weekend, and on July 18th I will start working as a Program Manager in the Operations Manager product team, in Redmond. I am hoping this will enable me to make a difference with even more customers.

Exciting times ahead - wish me luck!


That said – PFE is hiring! If you are interested in working for Microsoft – we have open positions (including my vacant position in Italy) for almost all the Microsoft technologies. Simply visit http://careers.microsoft.com and search on “PFE”.

As for the OpsMgr Health Check, don't you worry: it will continue being improved - I left it in the hands of some capable colleagues: Bruno Gabrielli, Stefan Stranger and Tim McFadden - and they have a plan and commitment to update it to OpsMgr 2012.

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  • Hi Daniele,

    It was a pleasure working with you and I hope I can continue your great work on the OpsMgr Health Check together with Bruno and Tim. All the best and have fun in your new Program Manager Role in Redmond.

    I'm sure I'll be visiting you soon when I'm in Redmond!


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