Boris’s OpsMgr Tools – Updated

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Boris’s OpsMgr Tools – Updated

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Over the years, Boris has released a set of phenomenal tools, that saved lives of OpsMgr administrators quite some time in performing common OpsMgr tasks in OpsMgr 2007 and 2007 R2..

The sad news is that Boris has moved to another team within Microsoft. He has made a tremendous contribution over the years to the OpsMgr product, and I am sure he will rock on into his new role and team. At the same time he will be missed.

In order to not let those tools go to waste, since I know many people use them, I have asked him to give me the code of his tools and allow me to update and maintain those tools going forward. And so I did: I updated a couple of his tools to work with OpsMgr 2012. I made a few bug fixes and revisions while I was working on OpsMgr (and even afterwards) – below you can find links to the latest pre-compiled binaries; but eventually I got too busy with Operations Management Suite and don’t have a lot of time for those anymore. So therefore I decided to gift the source code on GitHub as sample that the community might be able to fork and improve upon – links to that also in the table below.

Tool (latest pre-compiled version hosted on this blog) GitHub project (yes, source code for you to learn from – in other words, provided as *sample* code) Description
MPViewer 2.3.3 The previous version 1.7 (that works with OpsMgr 2007 and 2007 R2) was released here. Version 2.3.3 has been updated to work with OpsMgr 2012, and now includes support for MPB files (MP Bundles), shows embedded resources in bundles (such as images or scripts), loads MPs asynchronously, and has the ability to Unseal and Unpack MP Bundles.
OverrideExplorer 3.7 The previous version 3.3 (that works with OpsMgr 2007 and 2007 R2) was released here. Version 3.7 has been updated to work with OpsMgr2012 and includes some minor fixes, as well as the capability to Export all overrides to an Excel spreadsheet. It also now shows both Windows and Unix computers in the computers view.
Proxy Settings 1.2   The previous version 1.1 (that works with OpsMgr 2007 and 2007 R2) was released here. Version 1.2 is functionally identical to the previous version but has been just recompiled to work with OpsMgr 2012 SDK.

OverrideCreator 1.5

  The previous version (that works with OpsMgr 2007 and 2007 R2) was released here. Version 1.5 is functionally identical to the previous version but has been just recompiled to work with OpsMgr 2012 SDK.

All the above tools require the Operations Manager Console being installed on the machine where you run them, as well as the .NET framework 4.0.

According to my information, the above four tools were the most used/useful. Feel free to comment if need any other one being updated and/or have bug reports or feature requests – albeit I don’t promise I will be able to fix or update everything Smile


Just like their predecessors, it is necessary to make clear that this posting and everything included (such as use of included utilities) is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.


Changelog / Updates

[Updated on March 8th 2012 with MPViewer 1.9.1 that contains a fix for the Excel export of some MPs]

[Updated on March 15th 2012 with MPViewer 2.0 that now allows you to Unseal/Unpack MPs and MPBundles]

[Updated on March 21st 2012 with OverrideExplorer 3.5 which now allows to export Overrides to Excel]

[Updated on July 19th 2012 with MPViewer 2.1 that now shows the PublicKeyToken for referernces/dependencies]

[Updated on August 29th 2012 with MPViewer 2.1.2 that contains fixes to show Perf Objects, Counters and Frequency for some more modules]

[Updated on September 29th 2012 with MPViewer 2.2 that contains cosmetic as well as reliability/responsiveness fixes]

[Updated on October 3rd 2012 with MPViewer 2.2.1 that contains a fix for a crash when opening Unsealed MPs]

[Updated on November 20th 2012 with OverrideExplorer 3.6 that contains a fix for the “change target” operation that was creating broken overrides when changing target from a group to another group]

[Updated on April 26th 2013 with MPViewer 2.2.2 that contains a fix for some rules in the IIS MP that were incorrectly being reported as not generating alerts, and another fix for the "unseal/unbundle" menu item that sometimes was not being enabled]

[Updated on May 9th 2013 with MPViewer 2.3 that now can also handle MP Bundles that contain multiple ManagementPacks in a single bundle]

[Updated on May 14th 2013 with OverrideCreator 1.5 – first working version for OpsMgr 2012]

[Updated on November 23rd 2013 with OverrideExplorer 3.7 - now includes Unix computers in the computers view]

[Updated on February 17th 2014 with MPViewer 2.3.2 - now shows (most) event ID's and Event Sources for Event Rules]

[Updated on March 21st 2014 with MPViewer 2.3.3 - now allows both HTML and XLS export in bulk thru command line - more info in the comment thread below]

[Updated on July 9th 2015 with link to OverrideExplorer’s and MPViewer’s source code now on GitHub]

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  • Thanks Daniele!!

  • Daniele,

    just one thing: as in the previous version too, the new MPViewer is not able to export the recent Exchange 2010 MP to XLS.

    Any chance to fix this?



  • Patrick - I did not do extensive testing with all possible MPs out there, and I was not aware of this - I will take a look and try to reproduce it.

  • Patrick, I did a quick fix and updated the tool to 1.9.1. Let me know if it does not work.

  • Thanks for the updates Daniele..

  • Does this require the 2012 console?  I am running them on a workstation with the 2007 R2 console and I get an exception: "System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.OperationsManager, Version=7.0.5000.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified."

  • Steve - yes it does. For 2007R2 you can keep using the old Boris's versions.

  • Thanks for the new versions Daniele.

    Are you able to invetigate a bug that I have in OverrideExplorer 3.3 for SCOM 2007 R2 please? The program opens normally, the progress bar completes and then you can see the treeview start to populate for the type based view but then I get the following .NET error:


    Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately.

    Parameter is not valid.


    There's a full debug included if I click the Details button.

    If I click Continue, the type based view works normally, but the computers based view is completely empty.

    I've tried this from a few different workstations and also directly from the SCOM Management/RMS servers - all give me the same error.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Mark, send me the full debug information. It might be some specific MP you have imported that has special characters somewhere and makes the tool choke. I can take a look, but I do NOT plan to make fixes for the old versions - does this also repro with the 2012 version?

  • Good stuff

  • Just another note of appreciation, Daniele.  Good work and many thanks.

  • For the issue reported by Mark Stevenson, he did send me the full stack trace.

    The error he's having with the old version is that the program is failing to load some image for certain objects. It seems to happen when some MPs define an image for a class, but then the image is not actually there; or the format is invalid…

    This error is fixed in the new release (the new code skips the image if it can’t be processed).

    Anyhow, given that I have made a lot more other changes to support the 2012 versions, I can’t easily backport just one fix and keep both versions "alive" – alsobecause I don’t have a 2007R2 environment that I can recompile against, at the moment, and because I don't want to keep two branches/versions of the tool (both the 2007 and the 2012) “alive”.

  • Fantastic!  Thanks for a timely update to mpviewer.  I saw this many months ago, but haven't needed it until now and I can say it works like a charm.

  • Jonathan - I use MPViewer daily myself. I updated it because I needed it, and I think other people need it too. I hope you like the new features too :-)

  • I'm a little bit sad that it doesn't work fully for network monitoring management packs.  Specifically, the performance monitors and collection rules will not extract counters and frequency.  Would this be difficult to add?

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