Boris’s OpsMgr Tools – Updated

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Boris’s OpsMgr Tools – Updated

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Over the years, Boris has released a set of phenomenal tools, that saved lives of OpsMgr administrators quite some time in performing common OpsMgr tasks in OpsMgr 2007 and 2007 R2..

The sad news is that Boris has moved to another team within Microsoft. He has made a tremendous contribution over the years to the OpsMgr product, and I am sure he will rock on into his new role and team. At the same time he will be missed.

In order to not let those tools go to waste, since I know many people use them, I have asked him to give me the code of his tools and allow me to update and maintain those tools going forward. And so I did: I updated a couple of his tools to work with OpsMgr 2012. I made a few bug fixes and revisions while I was working on OpsMgr (and even afterwards) – below you can find links to the latest pre-compiled binaries; but eventually I got too busy with Operations Management Suite and don’t have a lot of time for those anymore. So therefore I decided to gift the source code on GitHub as sample that the community might be able to fork and improve upon – links to that also in the table below.

Tool (latest pre-compiled version hosted on this blog) GitHub project (yes, source code for you to learn from – in other words, provided as *sample* code) Description
MPViewer 2.3.3 The previous version 1.7 (that works with OpsMgr 2007 and 2007 R2) was released here. Version 2.3.3 has been updated to work with OpsMgr 2012, and now includes support for MPB files (MP Bundles), shows embedded resources in bundles (such as images or scripts), loads MPs asynchronously, and has the ability to Unseal and Unpack MP Bundles.
OverrideExplorer 3.7 The previous version 3.3 (that works with OpsMgr 2007 and 2007 R2) was released here. Version 3.7 has been updated to work with OpsMgr2012 and includes some minor fixes, as well as the capability to Export all overrides to an Excel spreadsheet. It also now shows both Windows and Unix computers in the computers view.
Proxy Settings 1.2   The previous version 1.1 (that works with OpsMgr 2007 and 2007 R2) was released here. Version 1.2 is functionally identical to the previous version but has been just recompiled to work with OpsMgr 2012 SDK.

OverrideCreator 1.5

  The previous version (that works with OpsMgr 2007 and 2007 R2) was released here. Version 1.5 is functionally identical to the previous version but has been just recompiled to work with OpsMgr 2012 SDK.

All the above tools require the Operations Manager Console being installed on the machine where you run them, as well as the .NET framework 4.0.

According to my information, the above four tools were the most used/useful. Feel free to comment if need any other one being updated and/or have bug reports or feature requests – albeit I don’t promise I will be able to fix or update everything Smile


Just like their predecessors, it is necessary to make clear that this posting and everything included (such as use of included utilities) is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.


Changelog / Updates

[Updated on March 8th 2012 with MPViewer 1.9.1 that contains a fix for the Excel export of some MPs]

[Updated on March 15th 2012 with MPViewer 2.0 that now allows you to Unseal/Unpack MPs and MPBundles]

[Updated on March 21st 2012 with OverrideExplorer 3.5 which now allows to export Overrides to Excel]

[Updated on July 19th 2012 with MPViewer 2.1 that now shows the PublicKeyToken for referernces/dependencies]

[Updated on August 29th 2012 with MPViewer 2.1.2 that contains fixes to show Perf Objects, Counters and Frequency for some more modules]

[Updated on September 29th 2012 with MPViewer 2.2 that contains cosmetic as well as reliability/responsiveness fixes]

[Updated on October 3rd 2012 with MPViewer 2.2.1 that contains a fix for a crash when opening Unsealed MPs]

[Updated on November 20th 2012 with OverrideExplorer 3.6 that contains a fix for the “change target” operation that was creating broken overrides when changing target from a group to another group]

[Updated on April 26th 2013 with MPViewer 2.2.2 that contains a fix for some rules in the IIS MP that were incorrectly being reported as not generating alerts, and another fix for the "unseal/unbundle" menu item that sometimes was not being enabled]

[Updated on May 9th 2013 with MPViewer 2.3 that now can also handle MP Bundles that contain multiple ManagementPacks in a single bundle]

[Updated on May 14th 2013 with OverrideCreator 1.5 – first working version for OpsMgr 2012]

[Updated on November 23rd 2013 with OverrideExplorer 3.7 - now includes Unix computers in the computers view]

[Updated on February 17th 2014 with MPViewer 2.3.2 - now shows (most) event ID's and Event Sources for Event Rules]

[Updated on March 21st 2014 with MPViewer 2.3.3 - now allows both HTML and XLS export in bulk thru command line - more info in the comment thread below]

[Updated on July 9th 2015 with link to OverrideExplorer’s and MPViewer’s source code now on GitHub]

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  • Jonathan - network monitoring uses a whole lot of new (composite, and managed) modules that do calculations, aggregations, and other interesting things. MPViewer only extracts those values (thresholds etc) in well-known modules... I didn't (yet) change anything there, but it should be definitely possible to add some of those new types. It's good feedback. I'll give it a try.

  • Jonathan - I added some of that, even if not all modules *produce* fake counters (some just pull individual OIDs, but don’t map them to Object/Counter, so I can’t consistently pull those out – only when they are mapped.

    I also did a fix to improve the “Frequency” and pull it also when it is called “Interval” (which seems to be the preferred name in more modern MPs, for some reason...), and I also added a set of modules that are used for XPlat rules/monitors while I was there. I updated the attachment with version 2.1.2 that contains these fixes.

  • Thanks, Daniele. I should have been checking here more frequently. I will take a look today!

  • Thanks for the updated tools.

    BTW. The new SCOM 2012 documentation points to Boris' blog. Someone should update the documentation to point here.

  • Thank you Dan - I asked the right folks to update the link on

  • The exception is: Error MPInfra_p_ManagementPackInstall. Error validation element OverrideForMonitor....


    Error de la base de datos. Error de MPInfra_p_ManagementPackInstall con la excepción:

    Error al validar el elemento: OverrideForMonitorMicrosoftWindowsServer2008OperatingSystemMemoryAvailableMBytesForContextMicrosoftWindowsOperatingSystem85cc77f60545466cb2d265f1b4a7ec14


  • I am Italian so I can understand *some* Spanish, but a full call stack would help, along with the precise steps to reproduce the error in a clean environment. Thanks,

  • Danielle (or anyone), I am hopeful you can help me with this.

    I am wondering if this has to be ran from the Management Server, or if it can be run from a desktop with the console installed.  When I try to run from my workstation, and I connect to the management Server, I get a "Unhandled exception" error:

    "Unhandeld exception has occured in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the applciation will close immediately.

    Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

    When I click "continue", nothing happens, just an empty screen (it loads, nothing populates).

    I have a whole mess of info from the details area, it all looks like this, but with different assembly versions and "CodeBase: file:" lines:System.Xml

       Assembly Version:

       Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.5420 (Win7SP1.050727-5400)

       CodeBase: file:///C:/WINDOWS/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Xml/

  • Vyndel, I assume this is Override Explorer? You can only use it from a machine that has the Operations Console installed - it does not have to be run on the server. The version of the console should be the same one you have on the server (i.e. cumulative updates, service packs...), anyhow - and this version only works with System Center 2012, not 2007R2.

  • I was afraid you were going to say that about the versioning.  I have an x86 system with the 2012 console installed, no SP, no CU's.  I was brought in as a consultant, and they don't want to give me local admin on my box so I can't make the updates needed.  Also, they have only given me "Author" privileges on the SCOM server.  This is going to be a long project.

  • Yes, Daniele, it is Override Explorer.  I do have SCOM 2012, not 2007, and I have the console installed on my local system as well as on the MS.  I have verified they are the same versions, no differences in CU, or SP.  Here is a small snippet of the error:  ?

    See the end of this message for details on invoking

    just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.

    ************** Exception Text **************

    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

      at OverrideExplorer.OverrideExplorer.PopulateTypeBasedOverrideTree()

      at OverrideExplorer.OverrideExplorer.m_backgroundWorker_RunWorkerCompleted(Object sender, RunWorkerCompletedEventArgs e)

      at System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker.OnRunWorkerCompleted(RunWorkerCompletedEventArgs e)

      at System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker.AsyncOperationCompleted(Object arg)

    ************** Loaded Assemblies **************


       Assembly Version:

       Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.5466 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400)

       CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v2.0.50727/mscorlib.dll


    Is it possible that I just do not have the proper role assigned?

  • Vyndel, I think that means that the worker thread was not able to retrieve the list of overrides, so it is returning a NULL object to the UI thread and therefore fails to populate the Tree View. It is possible, as you say, that this is a permission problem - but I have never tried this with restricted user roles so I don't know for sure - especially scoped down to specific groups... I'll see if I manage to reproduce this in my lab and debug this behavior - but I believe you would need to be able to enumerate ALL CLASSES/TARGETs, and their overrides, as well as the rules/monitors/discoveries that those overrides are applied to...

  • Thank you so much Daniele and Boris for the tools, always a big help in accomplishing these time consuming tasks.

    A quick question- any plan on releasing Override Creator for SCOM 2012?

    Kapil Dham

  • @Kapil - I have not looked at OverrideCreator yet. I'll give it a go when I get some time... but in my personal preference and priority list, it was really low. The reason for saying this is that, albeit I know a lot of people find it useful, I think OverrideCreator teaches people a bad practice: it lets people create a lot of overrides without thinking too much about them... and it is a bad thing to abuse them and have a proliferation of too many overrides set up without thinking too much about them: you tend to turn off too much and forget about it.

    A much better practice is to THINK your override strategy in a more meaningful and manageable/maintainable way... create dynamic groups based on attributes and naming conventions, and leverage those to minimize the NUMBER of overrides while maximizing their efficiency.

    Override EXPLORER is useful in this sense: it allows you to see what you have, and makes it a bit easier to clean up / bring order to the override mess; Override CREATOR is instead (when not used carefully) potentially ADDING to the mess.

    Obviously my personal opinion, but I hope it explains why I haven't prioritized it.

  • Hey Daniele, thanks for your work on updating these tools.  They are very helpful.

    I am wondering if mpviewer 2.2.1 has command line support?  It doesn't appear to however I just wanted confirmation because I have a specific need to export a lot of MPs to excel for different customers.

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