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  • Blog Post: Repost: Useful SetSPN tips

    I just saw that my former colleague (PFE) Tristan has posted an interesting note about the use of SetSPN “–A” vs SetSPN “–S”. I normally don’t repost other people’s content, but I thought this would be useful as there are a few SPN used in OpsMgr and it is not always easy to get them all right… and you...
  • Blog Post: Rootkit Detectors

    MS Research has published some papers about Rootkit technologies and especially RootKit detection: This stuff is VERY GOOD to read, and has been positively commented by a lot of people, including Bruce Schneier:
  • Blog Post: Physical Security (Bug Id: LUCA)

    My kids are - of course - "button freaks": they both love buttons and keys and knobs, and all of that category of things... and of course you could not expect anything different from a family of geeks with all sort of devices in the house. Having said this, I figured out again that I must re-implement...
  • Blog Post: MOM (=MY dear Operations Manager)

    On Channel9 India, Vij Rajarajan speaks about MOM MOM is a product I love . It is an amazing technology. Back then it was already, and Microsoft saw it. Saying "back then" I am referring to some years ago; in fact, I have been working with MOM...
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