Yesterday during the opening keynote of the Worldwide Partner Conference, Steve Ballmer announced that Boeing was taking to the Cloud with a solution to market its best-selling airplane, the 737.

The Boeing 737 is the best-selling airplane in aviation history. With new 737 models continually being developed for the product line, Boeing wanted to create exciting new ways of marketing the aircraft to prospective customers. It turned to Microsoft and Wire Stone, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, to create a tool that it calls “Boeing 737 Explained.”


Boeing 737 Explained uses Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Touch to provide users with a dynamic experience

Based on thousands of high-resolution photographs that are stitched together to create a seamless, immersive presentation, Boeing 737 Explained provides a rich, compelling way for customers to view and understand the plane without needing to actually stand next to one. Running on Windows 7 and is hosted within the Windows Azure cloud platform, Boeing 737 Explained uses Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Touch technologies, providing users with a dynamic experience, whether viewing it with Microsoft Kinect on a cinema-size screen or upon a Windows Phone.

This morning, Satya Nadella, Microsoft President, Server & Tools Business, spoke further about this revolutionary experience in his keynote on the second day of the Worldwide Partner Conference and attendees were given a preview of the video case study that shows the impact the Boeing 737 Explained tool will have on the sales process as Boeing talks to their customers about the 737.

I would highly recommend you take some time to watch the video case study and read the associated story behind the Boeing 737 Explained solutions.

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