I've been motivated by the experience of my Previous_DomainBlog, that how a simple write up can help resolve customer's pain, guide customer troubleshooting; as well, in another direction, let the product team know deeper about customer's requirements. As never stop my passion to customer with my domain knowledge, I started this post to continuously help those who use StreamInsight.

 In this blog series, I invite you to a performance introduction, troubleshooting guidance journey, hopefully, better assist tune your system performance.

In StreamInsight, Performance Terminology includes --


  • Input Throughput

  •  Output Throughput

  • Total Throughput    


  • End to End Latency

  • System Latency

  •  Informational latency


  • Total Memory

  •  Index Memory

  •  Event Memory

All above are key performance identification of StreamInsight user application. But, none of them individually can tell whether or not system behaves bad or good.  We will look into combinations of different metrics to …We'll follow the pattern Definition -->Measurement -->Performance Indication through case studies to help you better understand performance of StreamInsight.

Following blogs are posted regarding throughput  

Low Throughput? and Engine slow or Adapter slow