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October, 2008

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About Retail Rumblings

In this blog I will share some of the interesting trends that are driving technology investments by retailers.  My focus will be on multi-channel retailing, eCommerce and supply chain.  I will discuss the strategic planning and vision that is being demonstrated by the leaders in the industry and also the over-hyped technology investments that retailers sometimes make. 

What I will discuss here is my opinion based on experience as a solution provider in the Retail Industry and my review of current news, events and strategies that analysts, technology providers and retailers are evangelizing.

I hope you enjoy this blog and please feel free to comment!

My Bio:

I am responsible for eCommerce and cross-channel retailing for Microsoft’s Retail Industry Team. In this capacity, I have worked with many global retailers to assess eCommerce and cross-channel retailing strategies and how technology and business processes can be used to accomplish strategic initiatives.
I leverage my background in retail supply chain and consumer experience technology to align retailers’ customer facing application portfolios with the realities of retail enterprise applications and enterprise data paradigms.
Prior to joining Microsoft, I held positions at Oracle Retail, Retek, and Accenture. At Oracle Retail, I was a product manager responsible for supply chain execution systems. While at Retek I held functional architecture responsibilities for Retek’s supply chain execution systems, including integration with other ERP functional areas such as merchandising, financials, order management and point-of-sale. In my role at Accenture, I was responsible for leading custom development and implementation teams for large retail ERP projects, including direct-to-consumer operations. I have been quoted in industry publications and have lectured at a variety of venues.

My retail solutions experience includes verticals such as hypermarket, grocery, specialty, soft lines, C-store and hard lines. This experience included traditional brick-and-mortar as well as multi-channel fulfillment models.

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