Thanks Jason, another good example of why I should keep reading your excellent blog is this post:

Career Education Corporation wanted to offer mobile computing to all 75 of its campuses worldwide, but, with RIM BlackBerry devices, reliability was poor and costs were prohibitive. The company then switched to devices based on the Windows Mobile® 5.0 operating system. The move is saving 37 percent compared to RIM; e-mail availability is 18 percent higher; and the company can enable mobile access to its student portal, boosting industry competitiveness.

Career Education was able to state “We wanted to expand our mobile environment beyond a few hundred BlackBerry devices and we couldn’t afford it,” says Story. “With Windows Mobile 5.0, we can afford to deploy thousands of mobile devices; they’re more reliable, and we get more out of them than we could with the BlackBerries.”

 You can read the full case study HERE