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November, 2006

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About doncampbell's weblog

My name is Don Campbell and this weblog is about the Microsoft Office System, Office Live and trends like Web Office and Office 2.0.  I am an evangelist for Office, and hope to keep track of all the exciting new developments in this space. 

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    What is Office Live?

    As part of our Software + Services vision outlined with the Live strategy, Office Live just launched today and is generating a lot of interest. It is heating up and is one of the top projects I'm working on now. So what is Office Live anyway? This interview...
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    Vista Keyboard Shortcuts

    Killer list of Vista keyboard shortcuts here . My favorite - launch any application by hitting the WinKey and then start typing the name (e.g. Word) hit enter and it launches. This is absolutely awesome. I can't stand trying to find an application by...
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