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June, 2007

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My name is Don Campbell and this weblog is about the Microsoft Office System, Office Live and trends like Web Office and Office 2.0.  I am an evangelist for Office, and hope to keep track of all the exciting new developments in this space. 

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    Whirlwind Tour of Maui

    I know this isn't related to the tech industry, but a few weeks ago I visited my sister in Maui for her graduation. This was my first time to Maui, and it was such a fantastic trip I had to write up a little travelogue about it. My sister lives there...
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    New Look for Office Live Developer Portal

    The entire Office Developer Portal on MSDN has been redesigned, including the Office Live section. The result is a nice clean look, with less navigation required to get were you're going. The excellent MSDN team is constantly coming up with improvements...
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