August, 2007

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I currently work on Microsoft Windows.  I have previously worked on the Reporting Services team where I owned several of the rendering extensions.  I've been with Microsoft almost 15 years.  Paradoxically, the time has absolutely flown by yet it feels like forever ago when I attended first day NEO (New Employee Orientation) training.

This blog is an outlet where I can voice my ideas, solicit feedback, link to useful information, and ask for help.  This is a technical blog only but is not limited to talk about Security or Reporting Services or even Microsoft technologies.  My personal blog is located at

If you wish to contact me about a topic not discussed in a blog entry, you can use the Email button at the top of the blog or use your favorite client to send a message to: donovan dot smith at microsoft dot com.

Thank you.

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    Home wireless network

    A week or so ago, I finally upgraded my home wireless network to 54MBit/s via 802.11g . A bit of research led me to choose a Linksys WRT54GL v1.1 router. The stock firmware didn't support some of the features I wanted (like using DHCP to assign static...
  • Donovan Smith's WebLog

    Vista: Open Command Window Here

    Another useful but hard to discover feature of Vista's Windows Explorer is the ability to shift-right-click on a folder and launch a command window at that path: Note that this trick only works in the viewing pane and not in the tree view.
  • Donovan Smith's WebLog

    Vista: Copy as Path

    Useful but hard to discover feature in Vista. To copy a filename with full path information to the clipboard, shift-right-click on a file and choose Copy as Path. For example: Copies the following to my clipboard: "C:\dump\Reports\10435.rdl"
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