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December, 2004

  • Don Smith

    A VS.NET Add-In for "Contract First" development

    Disclaimer: There is a good chance you have already heard of this Add-In and/or the concept of contract-first development of Web Services. I just felt I would be remiss for not having a link to it ... even if it has existed longer than this blog...
  • Don Smith

    Versioning Web Service Parameters

    Dare makes a few comments about one of my previous posts so I thought - in true blogsphere fashion - I'd follow-up in a new post. First I'll mention a few more things about versioning web services, then I'll get to Dare's comments. Versioning...
  • Don Smith

    MSN Spaces Goes Beta

    This is huge! I'm actually writing this entry before the beta goes into effect (about 4 hours from now), but I can't post it until 9 pm PST. I only know about it because of an internal email from Mike Torres . So, I'm guessing the blogsphere will...
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