Don Smith

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May, 2005

  • Don Smith

    Ever have one of those days?

    You know the kind of day I'm talking about. One of those days when the sun it warmer, the clouds are fewer, the food tastes better, the birds are singing louder, and everything just falls into place exactly how you want it to. Well, I had one of those...
  • Don Smith

    Deciding local-or-remote at runtime

    I've seen a number of Web service implementations where there was a possibility that when deployed, the Web service and its client could end up on the same machine. This is most common when the client is a Web (HTML) application. In these scenarios, you...
  • Don Smith

    Dynamic portTypes and Grid Computing?

    I was onsite with a customer the other day discussing the architecture of one of their future applications. I was only there for the day, so we obviously couldn't go into too much depth. They just wanted a sanity check to make sure they weren't going...
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