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January, 2006

  • Don Smith

    [Web] Service Versioning Guidance

    Oh man, I have waited years to be able to post this blog entry. I am finally in a position to release real pragmatic guidance on how to version your services based on your particular scenario. Just last week we kicked off a project that is part of a much...
  • Don Smith

    Issuing SAML tokens from an STS using WSE 3.0

    I thought for sure I blogged about this ... man, that means this is like 13 days late ... geez. Well, lucky for you we're not going to pull it off the Web anytime soon. Hopefully you heard about it over on Jason's blog . If you have no idea what I'm talking...
  • Don Smith

    The first of many ARCasts on Web Service Security

    Just got the email from Ron that he's just posted an ARCast on Web service security . I'm listening to the ARCast now ... this was created from a webcast Ron , Jason , and Fred did in September titled Web Services Security Patterns (Level 300) ...
  • Don Smith

    Message Protection

    I look in the window of his office and he's banging away on the keyboard. It doesn't look like he's on or IMing with his Aussie mates - it looks like real work. A few minutes later an IM window is telling me to link to a blog entry on...
  • Don Smith

    Web Service Security Webcasts/ARCasts

    On Wednesday, Dwayne Taylor, Mark Fussell , Ron Jacobs , and I recorded a live MSDN Webcasts titled Securing Web Services with X.509 Certificates in WSE 3.0 . This webcast is based on the Web Service Security guide we released last month. If you are interested...
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