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July, 2006

  • Don Smith

    Service Factory now available for download!

    Before I get ahead of myself, which comes pretty easy for me J , here’s the link to learn more about and download the Service Factory . Wow, I’ve been waiting 8 months to write this blog entry. After months of planning, arguing, development, sleep...
  • Don Smith

    Just Published: Service Factory ARCast

    Ron Jacobs did a load of ARCasts at Tech-Ed in Boston this year. One of them was with Shy Cohen and I about the Service Factory . Well, I just got an email from Ron that he's gotten around to publishing it on Skyscrapr . I can't imagine how many of these...
  • Don Smith

    Service Architecture Concept Model

    I'm posting this because I'm interested in your thoughts about it. IMPORTANT: This is just a concept illustration. I'm not encouraging anyone to accept and begin using the nomenclature used. This is just the result of a conversation Tom and Ed...
  • Don Smith

    How Teams Build Services

    With all this talk of software factories, it's important that we understand the different ways teams will use them to build services. I talk to a lot of customers and, of course, there are several different approaches a team might choose. I hope this...
  • Don Smith

    Patterns for writing music lyrics?

    Okay, you've had 8 hours to change your subscription to my work related category to avoid this kind of nonsense - times up. I'm just kidding ... I know no one actually *subscribes* to this thing :D For those of you who don't know (and many of you don...
  • Don Smith

    It's not just about work anymore

    For the past year or so I've been maintaining 2 blogs: my personal site ( ), which I was posting everything to, and this blog that I've only ever posted work related things to. Well, for the time being, I'm going to use this blog for...
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