Don Smith

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September, 2006

  • Don Smith

    Bumbershoot was awesome!

    For those of you who don't live in the northwest of the U.S., there is a music and arts festival every Labor Day weekend in downtown Seattle called Bumbershoot that is a must-attend if you're in the area. For music lovers like myself, this is 3 days of...
  • Don Smith

    Written Guidance. Necessary?

    In my last post I mentioned that we are having a lot of hallway discussions lately. Another topic that is getting a lot of airtime lately is written guidance. As you know, the patterns & practices team has been producing written guidance since the...
  • Don Smith

    It's all about community!

    There have been a lot of hallway conversations on the p&p team lately and the state of our community infrastructure is one of the popular subjects. Customer feedback influences our guidance more than anything else ... period ... and since our communities...
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