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  • Blog Post: Handcrafting WCF-friendly WSDLs

    It's 10:15 pm and I'm still in the office, but I really think I should get this entry posted before I head home - or it won't ever get posted. I was supposed to be working on my demo for my Service Factory session at the SOA Conference tomorrow, but I got side-tracked early in the day when I started...
  • Blog Post: WSDL.EXE problem with BEA WSDL

    As it turns out, using the 1.x builds of the .NET Framework, wsdl.exe (and VS.NET) are sometimes unable to process perfectly good WSDL documents generated from the latest versions of BEA WebLogic Workshop. If the WSDL contains multiple schemas, and any have the same targetNamespace as another,...
  • Blog Post: Refactoring XSLT

    I guess a quick introduction wouldn't be completely out of order for a first post. My name is Don Smith and I've been a Dev Consultant at Microsoft in Charlotte, NC for just over 5 years now. I spend most of my time helping our customers to be successful with Microsoft's XML technologies (XSLT...
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