I've been playing around a bit with xPlanet. It's pretty cool, but a bit hard to get working right on Windows with the right command-line switches and options for downloading cloud data, maps, etc. I've seen some Windows clients that try to wrap the command-line UI, but they all seem to have bugs. I'm not religious about this (that's right, it's David's flame-bait preface), but: I wish folks in the Unix/Linux community would build things like this with "real" users in mind. Yeah, it's not really fair for me to complain since various people built this pretty amazing piece of software and did it for free. Nevertheless, the assumptions that bother me are:
  • everybody wants to use a command-line interface (yes I can; just don't want to)
  • if you have a command-line interface, you don't need to think about usability (yes, you do!)
  • anybody who wants anything automated to happen is a programmer and wants to write PERL (yes, I could but I've escaped that world -- thank god)
Anyway, I still think it's a cool program. I just wish I could get it to do what I want.