OK, I finally got over the network problems. Seems my ISP was blocking some of Microsoft's proxy servers; all fixed. Build 1480 is now available on flexwiki.com. Among the improvements:
  • TopicTips are nice little hover tips that tell you what a topic is before you click on it; they went in earlier but had positioning bugs that are now fixed
  • Frame Hosting was busted before. You couldn't host Wiki in a frame or in a SharePoint web part. Now it works.
  • More bug fixes (including some globalization bugs)
  • FlexWiki now has a very cool (but still prototype) Web Service
  • A new XmlTransformWikiBehavior that lets you insert the results of an arbitrary XSLT transformation on any arbitrary XML; this is way cool.
Thanks to Mike, Omar, Tommy, Ryan and Mark for their checkins!