OK. So one of the capabilities of FlexWiki that is just starting to be tapped is WikiBehaviors. These are the bridge to smart (i.e., code-based) capabilities that let you put dynamic content on your wiki pages. For example, you can use @@Now@@ to put the current time on. Or you can use the new XmlTransformWikiBehavior to insert the results of XSLT transformed XML into your page (e.g., showing an RSS feed right on a Wiki page). This is the primary extensibility mechanism for FlexWiki and it needs some more power. For example, wouldn't it be cool if the whole sidebar on the right on the FlexWiki pages could be customized (without changing source code)? What if that sidebar were all built as a wiki page that admins could edit and if it were all built from some new WikiBehaviors? To do this would require a pile of new behaviors (or, actually, surfacing existing code as behaviors). It would also probably require a much more powerful behavior language. I have started the design for both of these things. See WikiBehaviorExpansionProject. I must be mad. It's not as if I don't have enough to do in my day job. I'm not sure if I will be able to put any serious time into implementing this any time soon, but maybe I will. And I wanted to get the design and the ideas out in the open -- collaboration collaboration collaboration.