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I'm a Lead Program Manager in the Digital Documents group at Microsoft; we're part of the Windows team.

February, 2004

  • David Ornstein's WebLog

    New FlexWiki Build Posted

    I just posted the binaries for Build 1515 [ Bits ] of FlexWiki on http://www.flexwiki.com/ . It’s been a month since the last version was released and people have been buuusssssyyyyyy! In this release, we have a bunch of new features including:...
  • David Ornstein's WebLog

    I'll be back soon...

    OK. I’ve been quiet for a while. But I’ve got a good excuse: I’ve got a new kid. My son (my second child) was born on Feb 10. Words, of course, can’t do it all justice. So I won’t try. I’ll just say he’s fab!...
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