OK.  I’ve been quiet for a while.  But I’ve got a good excuse: I’ve got a new kid.  My son (my second child) was born on Feb 10.  Words, of course, can’t do it all justice.  So I won’t try.  I’ll just say he’s fab!  And my wife is fab.  And my (pre-existing) daughter is fab.

So… I’m on paternity leave (yes, Microsoft takes good care of dads – 4 weeks of paid leave).  I’ll be back in a week-and-a-half, but while I’ve been out I’ve had some idle time in the evenings (yes, you heard me right!) and I’ve been working on the WikiBehaviorExpansionProject.  I’ve got the lexical analyzer, parser and runtime engine basically working.  Before I start integrating the new language engine into the main FlexWiki project, I want to get the latest build of FlexWiki released.  This is so my (pretty radical) changes aren’t coming on top of the whole pile of other things all queued up from the great work others have done.  I’ve been a bit slow at updating new releases because it’s been a somewhat error-prone and manual process – until now.  I decided to take a break and write an app that will build all the ZIP files, upload them to the right servers, updated the wikipages describing the release, etc.  It’s finally become worth making this all push-button.  Should be done in a day or two and we’ll have new binaries released.

Anyway, the behavior expression language work has been a blast.  It’s really exciting to see the new language system working and it’s going to absolutely revolutionize what you can do with FlexWiki.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get it all checked in over the next couple of weeks (my personal [stretch] goal is to get it in before I really go back to work).