I just posted the binaries for Build 1515 [Bits] of FlexWiki on http://www.flexwiki.com/.  It’s been a month since the last version was released and people have been buuusssssyyyyyy!  In this release, we have a bunch of new features including: custom style sheets, URL pattern bug fixes, new security system coming online [with forms-auth], double-click to edit, new behaviors (topic index, topic property extraction), improvements to the newsletter mail delivery SMTP server, enhanced newsletters (wildcarding), FwSync (offline Wiki editing and publishing), the beginnings of a new client-side Wiki editor, FwDocGen to auto-gen .NET class documentation into Wiki topics and (my personal favorite) support for hitting enter in the search box (yeah, Jan!).  Read all about it in the Release Notes.

Wow.  This collaborative development thing is working pretty well!  Thanks to Omar Shahine, Mike Linnen, Ryan LaNeve, Craig Andera and Jan Lenck for their contributions to this release.

Now, on to some integration of the updated behavior expression language.