It's kinda embarrassing.  On the WhoIsWorkignOnWhat page on, I said I’d be done with all this WikiTalk stuff in January. And I’m still not done. :-(

On the other hand, I’ve been doing it in the evenings with a new baby in the house.  And it’s getting pretty close.  And I’m really happy about the results.  

I’m starting to be able to do the real things that drove the project in the first place.  The whole idea was that it should be possible to write the whole UI for FlexWiki using the Wiki model – and WikiText.  And you should be able to have dynamic information in the UI about the topics themselves (for example, a list of related topics, etc.).

I spent a long time getting the WikiTalk language going and then spent a bunch of time working on integrating it into the system so you could use it from within Wiki pages.  Now, I’m close to the finish line.  I can see it.  And I can smell it.

This weekend, I added TopicBorders.  These are common borders for a topic (or a group of related topics).  And on these borders is all of the UI for the site plus whatever individual topics or groups of topics want to stick there.  All written in WikiText.  Including, of course, WikiTalk.

Hooooooo haaaaaaaa!

Check out this screen shot.  It shows the new FlexWiki UI built entirely using WikiTalk.

I hope to upload a new build with these features in the next day or two. 

I’ve got to go back to my real job, tomorrow, though.  Which isn’t bad at all.  In fact, I love my real job. 

Wiki is cool, too, though.