OK.  So I am a bit tired but the chaos wasn't as bad as I'd imagined.

We launched FlexWiki on SourceForge yesterday (or was it today?).  A few hours earlier than expected.  That caused a bit of a scramble, but in the end it was no big deal. 

I spent some time today reading the news coverage (c|net, InfoWorld, TechWeb, eWeek, Press Release, NewsFactor) and people's blogs (Rob, iGeek) about FlexWiki -- and, of course, Microsoft and open source.  Interesting reading; no big surprises.  A fair number of people out there seem to be trying to read the tea leaves of the FlexWiki announcement to find indicators of a deeper Microsoft strategy (plot?) related to Open Source.  My take on that: relax, it's just tea; enjoy it for what it is. Tea. Just tea.

Pretty much as I expected, the SlashDot community did three things: (1) hit the site with a lot of traffic; (2) react in an immature way; (3) react in a mature way.  The site (http://www.flexwiki.com) managed to hold its own during the heaviest load, though there were some blips of "Service Unavailable."  That's OK; it's beta software; it's got bugs :-)  We were up for 98% of the day, though, with fairly good responsiveness.

#2 and #3 pretty much cancelled each other out...

We did end up dealing with a pile of Wiki Vandalism.  Which was a bit annoying, but not the end of the world.  Lots of junk posted on various pages -- and then cleaned up pretty quickly by members of the community.  Which is just how it's supposed to work.  It's funny because it seems like an environment in which anybody can change anything would be a recipe for chaos.  But with the exception of some occasional invasions by people who seem to have nothing better to do than demonstrate that, yes, it's a wiki and yes, anybody can change anything, the site has held together pretty well.  Thanks to the folks in the community who have helped keep this under control.  Of course, we've also used a few tricks to make this work well (which I'll write about some other time :-))

I also spent a bunch of time today building out a reasonably full set of topics for people interested in being developors on the FlexWiki project.  I started with some really excellent material that Craig Andera wrote up and then added in some of my own material and organization and have produced a single landing pad for FlexWiki developers: the DeveloperHome.