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June, 2007

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About A Hole In My Head

I am an architect in the Device and Storage Technologies team, focusing on how drivers are developed and how driver developers can develop a quality driver that is stable and performant. Previously (in descending order) I was a developer and technical lead on the KMDF team, architect of the v1.0 Bluetooth stack, and owner of the input stacks. The USB team reported to my manager during the input days so I also have a good working knowledge of the USB core.

Topics will vary a bit, but I am going to stick mostly to writing KMDF and WDM drivers, using a kernel debugger (windbg.exe or kd.exe, not SoftICE!), and my opinions on coding guidelines and design patterns.

  • A Hole In My Head

    User empathy is a weird thing

    I figured that I had a good deal of empathy for a developer who had to write a driver. I have spent nearly 5 years creating and supporting WDF, learning from the community and drawing on my own experience in how drivers are written. Two of the most common...
  • A Hole In My Head

    Why does WDF have its own (Wdf)False?

    I mean, come on! Another false value? You have the C++ false, the Windows FALSE and now another one. Furthermore, another boolean type (BOOL, BOOLEAN, bool)? … at least we didn't add one a traditional Boolean type. What gives? If I were not a member of...
  • A Hole In My Head

    OT: Viewing a multi page TIF in Vista

    Here at Microsoft, we have a central fax number and a fax "secretary" which routes the fixes as TIF files as email to the appropriate recipient. The TIF format allows for multiple pages embedded in one file so each faxed page is a different embedded page...
  • A Hole In My Head

    I’m a slacker

    Sorry about being silent for so long. Things got quite busy with a new project and I kept on postponing my posts. I will be more consistent over the summer, I promise ;).
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