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August, 2009

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    The good and the bad of exception filters

    Every so often we get asked questions about the CLR’s support for exception filters. Why do some languages support them and others do not? Is it a good idea to add them to my new language? When should I use a filter vs. catch/rethrow? Etc. I’ll try to...
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    Improvements to Interop Marshaling in V4: IL Stubs Everywhere

      When the CLR needs to transition between managed and native code – usually because of P\Invoke or COM interop – we need to generate marshaling stubs (little chunks of code) to handle that specific call and transform the data from managed to native...
  • .NET Blog

    IL Stub Diagnostic Tool

    The IL Stub Diagnostic Tool enables real-time inspection of the contents of IL stubs. Developers now have a powerful tool to troubleshoot issues in interop marshalling, Introduction Jesse posted a great blog talking about the concept, history, and improvements...
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