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August, 2012

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    Evolving the Reflection API

    As many developers have noticed, the reflection APIs changed in the .NET API set for Windows Store apps. Much of .NET’s ability to offer a consistent programming model to so many platforms over the last ten years has been the result of great architectural...
  • .NET Blog

    Announcing the release of .NET Framework 4.5 RTM - Product and Source Code

    Updated (July 2015): See Announcing .NET Framework 4.6 to read about the latest version of the NET Framework. Updated – 8/16/2012: Added license information about the source code release. Today, we are happy to announce the availability of...
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    .NET Framework 4.5 Talks from TechEd 2012 and aspConf

    The .NET Framework team is out at conferences all the time. We love getting to meet with you all to discuss the latest news about what we’re building and even better learning about what all of you want to build. Deon Herbert, a program manager on the...
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