Talking about .NET in the Community Press

Talking about .NET in the Community Press

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We follow a lot of blogs and digital papers relating to both .NET and also technology in general. There is a lot of great content that gets published every day about .NET. We’re starting a new series to publish these great links, doing our part to help give that content a larger audience.

For this post, I wanted to call out some of the journalists in the community press that have been regularly including links to our posts. We’ve noticed the traffic from your domains! Thanks for expanding awareness to our blog and many other great .NET blogs.



If you are not familiar with these papers and blogs, please do visit them.

Follow us on Twitter (@dotnet) and Facebook (dotnet). You can follow other .NET teams, too: @aspnet/, @efmagicunicorns/efmagicunicorns.

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  • This is an awesome idea. It is great to see these links here, especially Jason and Alvin's blog. Thank you also for introducing the digital papers on Paper.Li. It will make for fantastic holiday reading.

  • Thanks for quote my blog on I'm really glad to share my passion with the community.

  • Idea is really good one.

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