Explore the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 in MSDN Magazine

Explore the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 in MSDN Magazine

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The February 2014 edition of MSDN magazine includes a great overview of the .NET Framework 4.5.1, written by Gaye Oncul Kok, a Program Manager on the .NET team. The article is a great way to learn about how Visual Studio 2013 and .NET Framework 4.5.1 make apps easier to write, and faster to run. Take a look at the article.


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  • Did not see any WPF changes... When is the next major release with lots of new features coming?

  • Maybe it's a good idea to start re-training? (again!)

  • @Developer: In general, despite the fact the .NET 4.5.1 delivers many valuable additions, we think of it as a minor update to .NET 4.5 (as implied by the version number). So from that point it's understandable that we didn't do massive features. At this point, we don't have any dates we can share to when the next major update will be shipped.

    @hmm: You shouldn't need to. If you feel at home in .NET 4.5, this release will feel like a great update with some goodies here and there.

  • Sounds great. Looking forward to read everything about it.

  • Sounds awosome

  • Is below link for .Net 4.5.1 full version file or any other source file is available for 4.5.1 - www.microsoft.com/.../details.aspx

  • I have a vista basic computer with .net framework 2 - version 2.0.50727.4248,

    .net framework 3.5 SP1  - version 3.0.4506.4037, and .net framework 4 client profile - version 4.0.30319.1.

    I have not been able to update any of these versions.

    Can I safely remove them from my computer and install a latter version?



  • @Dick -- You can leave 3.5 SP1 there and upgrade to 4.5.1. You do not need to uninstall either version.

    Here's 4.5.1: blogs.msdn.com/.../net-framework-4-5-1-rtm-gt-start-coding.aspx

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