Upcoming .NET NuGet Releases

Upcoming .NET NuGet Releases

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This post was written by Richard Lander, a Program Manager on the .NET Core Framework team.

We recently concluded a planning exercise for the next few months of work. From this exercise, we’d like to share the next set of NuGet releases that we plan to do. We chose this particular set based on your feedback and internal partner requests.

All of these packages will be released as pre-release packages on nuget.org.

New Packages

Nuget package




.NET Framework

Enables reading metadata tables in .NET assemblies.

Managed Debugger APIs (MDbg)

.NET Framework

Enables building standalone tools and add-ins to MDbg.

Updated Packages

Nuget package



Microsoft.Composition (MEF2)


Adds Windows Phone 8 support.



Adds Windows Phone 8 support.

Microsoft.Bcl.Immutable (v1.1)


Adds ImmutableArray type back, with unchanged shape from v1.0 pre-release builds.

CLR Memory Diagnostics (ClrMD)

.NET Framework

Bug fixes and small features.

Please let us know

  • Which packages would you like first?
  • Are there any other packages that you would like to see?
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  • It would be nice if .Net 3.0 assemblies, specifically WPF, would be serviced independently of the core framework. So, I'd like to see WPF packages.

  • The MetadataReader and debugging API packages sound interesting. Can you elaborate on them a bit?

  • I would love to see Silverlight 5 support as port of the Microsoft.Composition PCL profile.

    Since the last codeplex release can be compiled for Silverlight without any issues it should be as easy as just adding it to the list of supported platforms, giving extra value without any effort.

  • And the performance problem with ImmutableArray?

  • And the performance problem with ImmutableArray?

  • Personally I'd love to see a long path package. Long Paths have been mentioned on the BCL blog in the past and there's the CodePlex project, bcl.codeplex.com/.../42783. It would be awesome for an official nuget package...

  • I would like an update to TraceEvent library. With the current release it seems not to be possible to read custom ETW events (written via Microsoft.Diagnostics.Tracing.EventSource) strongly typed back like the other events with full call stacks. Currently they can only be read as some dynamic event which is not nice.

    Could you elaborate what MetadataReader would exactly do? Something like Mono.Cecil which can also parse managed C++ assemblies would be nice.

  • I'm eagerly awaiting MEF for WP8. Please let us know when you post these to nuget. I have a blog post just waiting to show all the WP8 app devs the wonders of MS' DI/IoC framework.

  • It would be nice if some group could take ownership of System.Data in either PCL or WinRT so that Entity Framework becomes a possibility on WInRT.

  • I just spotted yesterday that the Windows API Code Pack seems to have become abandonware.

    I was looking for the "application restart and recovery manager" support at the time, but that library also has power management, TaskDialog, customisable common file dialogs, support for writing shell extensions & preview handlers, fancy Taskbar interactions, etc, etc.

    That seems like a perfect set of stuff to have on NuGet. There really should be .Net support (from MS) for the new APIs that turn up in each new version of windows, but there's no reason it can't be delivered out-of-band.

    P.S. I'm really looking forward to ImmutableArray<T>. I'd also like to hear about whether you managed to fix the perf issue.

  • I'd also like to see the Windows API Code Pack released as nuget package.

  • Good requests on WPF, Windows API Code Pack, trace event, long file paths, and System.Data. Same for SL 5 support for MEF2. All noted. Thanks!

    @numa -- The debugging API package is for building tools that can attach to running .NET, using the .NET debugging API. The Metadata reader is a very low-level and high-performance reader for reading .NET assemblies. More on those as we release them.  

    @Felipe Fujiy -- We'll share our update on Immutable shortly.

  • The Microsoft.Bcl.MetadataReader sounds very interesting. At the moment we use Assembly.ReflectionOnlyLoadFrom to investigate the metadata of “Plugin” assemblies in an own AppDomain. If this package allows me to do the same with better performance than I’m looking forward to investigate it.

    Otherwise, I wish more done on WPF. Especially, bug fixes and memory leak fixes.

  • Its too bad that we still don't have ability to draw non-rectangular shapes in Windows Store using XAML. visualstudio.uservoice.com/.../3794118-non-rectangular-shapes-in-windows-rt-and-windows-p

    I was so much hopeful that you guys would consider bringing Windows.UI.XAML.UIElement.Clip to Windows Store. I understand it would be a resource hog for WOA devices, but don't we need something glamorous in our ecosystem, something like.. Mitsu's (ex-softie) book control.. wpfbookcontrol.codeplex.com.

    We can build similar thing in in WinJS project, then why cant we have the similar ability in XAML. Pseudo-clipping using rectangular shape is the only option and its the most unlikely one to be approved due to excessive resource consumption!

    Please fake the clipping internally if you have to and provide us with syntactic sugar to support non-rectangular geometry. And more people will support our ecosystem! 8-)

  • My priority is enhancements to the Microsoft.Tpl.Dataflow library.

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