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April, 2014

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    Get your libraries ready for Windows Phone 8.1

    Two weeks ago, we released the Windows Phone preview for developers . In this post, I’ll cover what this means for library and app developers. What this means for library developers As a .NET developer you can target Windows Phone 8.1 via...
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    Introducing the Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool

    The .NET Setup team has made some significant investments over the last couple of years in improving the deployment experience for the .NET Framework setup and its updates. In spite of this effort, occasionally some customers run into issues deploying...
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    .NET Native Performance

    This post was authored by Xy Ziemba, the Program Manager for .NET Native performance, and Andrew Pardoe, Program Manager on the .NET runtime team. In our previous blog post introducing .NET Native, we talked about how .NET Native gives you the performance...
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    Sharing code across platforms

    At Build we announced two great ways to re-use your code : the new Universal Windows apps , and the improved portable class libraries . They both help you reuse code across platforms. In this post, I’ll describe both options and how you can choose...
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    Debugging support for .NET Native Preview apps

    Our friends in Visual Studio have written a post about the debugging support for the .NET Native Preview . Go check it out !
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    How your feedback is shaping .NET

    Eight months ago we asked you to provide feedback on the features you want us to ship. And you didn’t disappoint! Since then, we’ve seen hundreds of Tweets, blog posts and user voice votes. It’s great to be part of such a thriving community...
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    The JIT finally proposed. JIT and SIMD are getting married.

    Processor speed no longer follows Moore’s law . So in order to optimize the performance of your applications, it’s increasingly important to embrace parallelization. Or, as Herb Sutter phrased it, the free lunch is over . You may think...
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    The Next Generation of .NET

    At Build 2014 this week, we announced the next generation of .NET. The next generation will focus and deliver on two main themes: Core Innovation and cross-device apps. These themes are a direct result of your feedback, asking for new features in .NET...
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    Announcing .NET Native Preview

    This post was written by Subramanian Ramaswamy and Andrew Pardoe, Senior Program Managers on the .NET Native team. We’re thrilled to announce the first release of .NET Native. Windows Store apps start up to 60% faster with .NET Native and have a much...
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    Available Now: Preview of Project “Orleans” – Cloud Services at Scale

    This post was written by Niklas Gustafsson, Principal Program Manager on the Cloud Platform Tooling Team Today, at Build 2014, we are announcing the preview release of a cloud programming model under the codename “Orleans”. This project originated in...
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