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June, 2014

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    dotnetConf is on! Free virtual conference.

    The free, virtual and community-driven dotnetConf is on. Point your web-browser to dotnetConf . No registration, manager approval or anything required! The virtual conference is two days long. Day 1: Core .NET and Client apps Day 2: ASP.NET and Server...
  • .NET Blog

    Would you like a MultiDictionary?

    We’ve recently shipped new collection types on NuGet with our Immutable Collections package. NuGet allows us to ship prerelease and experimental versions of libraries to gather feedback from the community. In this post, our software developer intern...
  • .NET Blog

    .NET Native Deep Dive: Debugging into Interop Code

    This post was authored by Yi Zhang, a Senior Software Development Engineer on the .NET Native team. .NET Native and MCG At this point, you’ve probably seen the .NET Native announcement and some of our other .NET Native blog posts . We’ve...
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