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  • Blog Post: The Next Generation of .NET – ASP.NET vNext

    Updated (July 2015): See Announcing .NET Framework 4.6 to read about the latest version of the NET Framework. Today at TechEd North America, we announced the latest set of innovations that are part of the next generation of .NET. The biggest of those is ASP.NET vNext, which is an updated version of...
  • Blog Post: The .NET Native Tool-Chain

    This post was authored by Xy Ziemba, Program Manager on the .NET Native team. At BUILD, we announced .NET Native Preview . .NET Native is a compilation technology and a small runtime that allow .NET applications to start up to 60% faster and have a smaller memory footprint. We've previously discussed...
  • Blog Post: .NET Native Performance

    This post was authored by Xy Ziemba, the Program Manager for .NET Native performance, and Andrew Pardoe, Program Manager on the .NET runtime team. In our previous blog post introducing .NET Native, we talked about how .NET Native gives you the performance of C++ with the productivity of C#. Putting...
  • Blog Post: Debugging support for .NET Native Preview apps

    Our friends in Visual Studio have written a post about the debugging support for the .NET Native Preview . Go check it out !
  • Blog Post: Announcing .NET Native Preview

    This post was written by Subramanian Ramaswamy and Andrew Pardoe, Senior Program Managers on the .NET Native team. We’re thrilled to announce the first release of .NET Native. Windows Store apps start up to 60% faster with .NET Native and have a much smaller memory footprint. Our first release is a Developer...
  • Blog Post: RyuJIT CTP2: Getting Ready for Prime-time

    This post announces an updated preview of the .NET team’s new 64-bit Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler. It was written by Mani Ramaswamy, Program Manager for the .NET Dynamic Code Execution Team. Note: RyuJIT CTP3 is available here:
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