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    Introducing .NET Core

    At connect() , we announced that .NET Core will be entirely released as open source software . I also promised to follow up with more details on .NET Core. In this post, I’ll provide an overview of .NET Core, how we’re going to release it...
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    .NET Core is Open Source

    Today is a huge day for .NET! We’re happy to announce that .NET Core will be open source, including the runtime as well as the framework libraries. This is a natural progression of our open source efforts, which already covers the managed compilers...
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    The Roadmap for WPF

    When we introduced WPF back in 2006 (.NET 3.0), the response was absolutely phenomenal. Enterprises, ISV’s, and Microsoft Partners have made the technology central to their business, building amazing vertical solutions and mission critical applications...
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    Wondering why mscorsvw.exe has high CPU usage? You can speed it up.

    This post was written by Rich Lander, a Program Manager on the .NET Framework Team. It was written for people who want to understand why mscorsvw.exe is running on their machines and want to know how to speed it up. Have you noticed that your machine...
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    .NET Framework 4.5.1 RTM => start coding

    Updated (July 2015): See Announcing .NET Framework 4.6 to read about the latest version of the NET Framework. Today, we’re announcing the availability of the .NET Framework 4.5.1 and Visual Studio 2013 ( Soma’s blog ). You can download...
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    CoreCLR is now Open Source

    We’re excited to announce that CoreCLR is now open source on GitHub. CoreCLR is the .NET execution engine in .NET Core , performing functions such as garbage collection and compilation to machine code. .NET Core is a modular implementation of .NET...
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    Announcing the .NET Framework 4.5.1 Preview

    Updated (July 2015): See Announcing .NET Framework 4.6 to read about the latest version of the NET Framework. Update: The .NET Framework 4.5.1 RTM has been released and is available for download. The content below is still a great description of the...
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    Announcing .NET 2015 Preview: A New Era for .NET

    Updated (July 2015) : See Announcing .NET Framework 4.6 to read about the final version of the .NET Framework 4.6. Today is a pivotal moment for .NET. With the release of .NET 2015 Preview, we are embarking on a new journey while maintaining our strong...
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    The Next Generation of .NET – ASP.NET vNext

    Updated (July 2015): See Announcing .NET Framework 4.6 to read about the latest version of the NET Framework. Today at TechEd North America, we announced the latest set of innovations that are part of the next generation of .NET. The biggest of those...
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    Announcing the release of .NET Framework 4.5 RTM - Product and Source Code

    Updated (July 2015): See Announcing .NET Framework 4.6 to read about the latest version of the NET Framework. Updated – 8/16/2012: Added license information about the source code release. Today, we are happy to announce the availability of...
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    Announcing the .NET Framework 4.5.2

    Updated (July 2015): See Announcing .NET Framework 4.6 to read about the latest version of the NET Framework. We are happy to announce the availability of the .NET Framework 4.5.2. It is a highly compatible, in-place update to the .NET Framework 4...
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    Announcing .NET Native Preview

    This post was written by Subramanian Ramaswamy and Andrew Pardoe, Senior Program Managers on the .NET Native team. We’re thrilled to announce the first release of .NET Native. Windows Store apps start up to 60% faster with .NET Native and have a much...
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    RyuJIT: The next-generation JIT compiler for .NET

    This post introduces the .NET team’s new 64-bit Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler. It was written by Andrew Pardoe, PM Manager for the CLR Runtime PM team. The world is moving to 64-bit computing even though it isn’t always faster or more efficient than 32...
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    Moving to the .NET Framework 4.5.2

    A few months ago we announced the availability of the .NET Framework 4.5.2 , a highly compatible, in-place update to the .NET 4.x family (.NET 4, 4.5, and 4.5.1). The .NET Framework 4.5.2 was released only a few short months after the release of .NET...
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    The .NET Framework 4.5 includes new garbage collector enhancements for client and server apps

    What makes managed code, “managed”? Most people would point to the garbage collector. Automatic memory management makes a tremendous difference in programmer productivity. And when garbage collection improves, all .NET applications benefit. Abhishek Mondal...
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    MSBuild Engine is now Open Source on GitHub

    Today we are pleased to announce that MSBuild is now available on GitHub and we are contributing it to the .NET Foundation ! The Microsoft Build Engine (MSBuild) is a platform for building applications. By invoking msbuild.exe on your project or solution...
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    Improved Package Restore

    As we’ve previously explained we receive various reports on how our NuGet packages don’t play nicely with NuGet’s package restore feature. In this blog post I’ll talk about an update we shipped to our infrastructure package Microsoft...
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    Compatibility of .NET Framework 4.5

    Fundamentals were a big part of our focus while building .NET 4.5. We divided fundamentals into seven areas called “tenets”. One of these tenets is compatibility. Today’s post is by Manish Agnihotri, a program manager who is driving compatibility across...
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    Async in 4.5: Worth the Await

    Developers often ask for guidance on how to write responsive user interfaces. Reading most books about the .NET Framework over the past ten years, you’ll see coverage of the asynchronous programming model which requires a lot of careful attention while...
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    A new look for .NET Reference Source

    This post was written by Alok Shriram , Program Manager on the .NET Framework team. He will show you a significantly improved experience around .NET Reference Source. Today I'm very excited to announce that we have an awesome new experience to use...
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    .NET Memory Allocation Profiling with Visual Studio 2012

    This post was written by Stephen Toub, a frequent contributor to the Parallel Programming in .NET blog . He shows us how Visual Studio 2012 and an attention to detail can help you discover unnecessary allocations in your app that can prevent it from achieving...
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    Async in 4.5: Enabling Progress and Cancellation in Async APIs

    The apps developers want to develop today are fast and fluid and the async features in .NET make this easier than ever. The world is also highly connected now which makes waiting for data a real concern for building great customer experiences. Alok Shriram...
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    Update 4.0.3 for the Microsoft .NET Framework 4

    We continue to bring certain features through updates to .NET 4 without having to wait for the .NET 4.5 release. This post covers what the latest platform update has to offer. Vivek Mishra from the .NET Servicing team authored the following. – Layla...
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    Announcing .NET Framework 4.6

    We're excited to announce the RTM releases of .NET Framework 4.6 and Visual Studio 2015 today. You can read about the new features or leave that for later and try them out now. The quickest way to get started is to install the free Visual Studio 2015...
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    Try out the new releases: .NET Framework vNext, ASP.NET vNext, .NET Native and RyuJIT

    Today, we are announcing updated versions of .NET Framework vNext, ASP.NET vNext , .NET Native and RyuJIT . You can try out these new releases by installing Visual Studio “14” CTP3 . Please tell us what you think. The .NET Framework vNext We are releasing...
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