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January, 2005

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This Blog is dedicated to exploring interop opportunities between .NET-based systems and other systems.  The key approaches to interop covered here include: Web services, REST/POX, message queues, dedicated bridges, and others. 

Dino Chiesa is the primary author of most of these articles.  Others may also contribute from time to time.

This blog won't carry human interest stories.  No birth or death notices, health or hobby updates, etc.  This is just interop. 

About the theme:
On July 23rd, 2007, I moved to the "Kid congo" theme for Community Server.  I added a few customizations to get the colors and layout the way I wanted them.  It uses a CSS-based layout. 

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    Java and .NET - AES Crypto Interop

    Both .NET v1.1 and Java v1.4.x include implementations of the AES. Which means, you can encrypt data on a Java platform, transmit it any old way you want, then decrypt it on a .NET platform. In theory, it's easy. This post discusses it and gives example code....
  • All About Interop

    .NET and Apache AXIS

    Comments and suggestions on building a basic webservice that demonstrates interoperability between Apache AXIS v1.x and .NET v1.1....
  • All About Interop

    Surprise! : Write Java Servlets in VB

    ServerTec says they have a a JSP/Servlet engine, ported to run on .NET and J#. They say you can develop servlets in Visual Studio, using any .NET language. They have examples for C#, VB, J# and C++. It depends on an open-source version of various required libraries, like JNDI and Java2 collections....
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