Interop bonanza.  For those keeping score at home,

  • IBM has DB2 add-ins for VS, along with a DB2 managed ADO.NET provider. 
  • IBM also has Tivoli AccessManager for .NET
  • and MQ Classes for .NET
  • Oracle will soon shipp Oracle tool add-ins for Visual Studio to complement the ODP.NET ADO.NET data provider.(the tools are in beta2 now)
  • Sybase:  in the Visual Studio Industry Program, not sure of their ship plans.  
  • SAP provides the .NET Connector, and the Portal Development Kit for VS.
  • OTP Systems produces a Tuxedo connector for .NET.  No VS tool add-ins.
  • Lots of 3rd party VS add-ins for connecting to Mainframes
  • BizTalk Server has adapters for nearly everything.
  • WS-I has stipulated rules for web services interop
  • WSDL-First is being adopted as the right approach for interoperable web services.  Tools are emerging. 

Those things, as well as the COM interop and P/Invoke capabilities in .NET, get you from .NET to pretty much wherever you need to go.  But we always want more, don't we? ;)

What I would like to see:  

  • from IBM: dev tool add-ins for MQSeries, similar to what they provided for DB2
  • also from IBM: Visual Studio add-in for Lotus Notes

What's on your list?