IBM's .NET Managed client for JMS

Today I received a comment on a prior entry of this blog. It is noteworthy so I thought I would re-post it here.

As previously mentioned in a previous blog entry (JMS Interop, revisited), there is a demand for .Net and JMS interop.

IBM Message Service Client for .NET (informally known as XMS) has now started an open Beta programme.

XMS is a non-Java implementation of the Java Message Service (JMS) API, currently implemented to work with the IBM WebSphere Messaging portfolio. Specifically, it is a fully managed .NET API that can be used by applications to send and receive JMS messages via IBM WebSphere Business Integration Brokers over Real-time Transport or via the default messaging provider within IBM WebSphere Application Server v6.

We welcome you to download XMS from:,

Try it out, and give us your feedback via: news://


First question I have is, does it work with plain old WebSphere MQ?   I don't know what the term "WebSphere Business Integration Brokers" includes. I think there are some premium products like WBI Server, and WBI Message Broker and WBI Event Broker, and I guess all of those are included in "WBI Brokers". But what about just MQ? [ note added 4 Aug 2005 : The readme for this XMS.NET thing apparently states NB. Interaction with IBM WebSphere MQ is not supported in this release but is currently under development. So I think you need one of the higher-end MQ or WBI products, for now. ]

Anyone trying this out?  I am interested in feedback, too!  Comment on the blog or contact me privately.  I'd love to hear if this thing is useful.