You got DB2?  Got SQL?   Now you can connect them together, better.  Microsoft is making the OLEDB provider for DB2 available for download.

The Microsoft OLE DB Provider for DB2 is a COM library for connecting to IBM DB2 databases.  It is licensed for use with solutions based on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition and Developer Edition. SQL Server developers and administrators can use the provider with SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, Replication, and Distributed Query Processor.  The single setup program will install the provider and tools on both x86 and x64 computers. Read the installation guide and Readme for more information.

IBM also has an OLEDB provider for DB2, but it is licensed separately, I think at extra charge.  You have to buy the DB2 Client Access license or something like that.  This one is licensed with SQL2005 EE.  Nice!

This enables you to, for example, define linked servers to external DB2 servers, running on any platform, and perform queries on them. With those linked servers, you'll be able to see DB2 data in the SQL Management Studio, in Visual Studio designers, and so on.  And of course in your applications.   Let's say you have a Java app running on an AS/400, connecting to DB2 there.  With this OLEDB provider, your .NET apps running on Windows Server 2003 can connect to the same DB2, the same tables.  Java-and-.NET interop via a shared database.