“[Java] is like the marketplace where you go and take your pick of technologies and .NET is a Microsoft product that gives you no chance to choose,” said [James] Gosling.

From http://www.nationmultimedia.com/2006/02/06/byteline/index.php?news=byteline_19846391.html 

Gosling's statement is complete balderdash, as this blog has proved, over and over again, with every entry about interoperability. The fact is, Mr Gosling, there are lots of choices available to developers using .NET, zillions of choices.  You can choose your database, your message queue, your dev tool, your directory server, your content management server, your web server.   You can choose open source or commercial offerings.  You can select from a wide variety of third-party add-ons and replacements.  There are third party libraries and frameworks. 

I guess it's fun to stand up behind a podium and say outrageous things like "Technology X means the end of life as we know it" or "The only moral choice is Technology Y".  You get written up in the papers, you get your picture on the cover of a magazine.  Lots of people call you to ask about your provocative remarks.  But those kinds of statements are garbage.  Provocative evangelical exhortations, useful only to the brainwashed and converted.

I'm sorry, this is too much.  Gosling deservedly gets a great deal of respect for his role in creating Java, but this is just hooey.  

It's sad that Gosling doesn't recognize that a person in his position owes the world responsible behavior and viewpoints, not propaganda and claptrap. 


I feel better now.