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November, 2006

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This Blog is dedicated to exploring interop opportunities between .NET-based systems and other systems.  The key approaches to interop covered here include: Web services, REST/POX, message queues, dedicated bridges, and others. 

Dino Chiesa is the primary author of most of these articles.  Others may also contribute from time to time.

This blog won't carry human interest stories.  No birth or death notices, health or hobby updates, etc.  This is just interop. 

About the theme:
On July 23rd, 2007, I moved to the "Kid congo" theme for Community Server.  I added a few customizations to get the colors and layout the way I wanted them.  It uses a CSS-based layout. 

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    Ballmer on Why Microsoft pursues Interoperability

    I saw this on CNet this morning, an interview with Steve Ballmer of Microsoft and Ron Hovsepian of Novell, talking about the recent intellectual property deal MS and Novell signed. I thought this quote in particular, from Ballmer, was a good succinct...
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    SQL Server 2005 SP2, November CTP - Interop with Oracle and Hyperion

    ooooh, my my my. Everyone is awaiting SQL Server 2005 SP2, because SP2 is required to run SQL Server 2005 correctly on Windows Vista. But there are also some interop goodies in SQL Server 2005 SP2, or at least in the November CTP. For those of you who...
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    .NET 3.0 Runtime and SDK has shipped

    Just in case you haven't seen this clearly spelled out in the 1 gazillion other .NET-related news outlets, blogs, articles, papers, websites, forums, newsgroups, and so on - .NET 3.0 is out. The "Windows SDK for Windows Vista" is now available for download...
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    Zip Library/Utility updated, works with JAR files now

    I can't believe I didn't test this, but the Zip Library I built and posted a while ago was not working with Jar files. I fixed it, I think it is working now. Any problems, let me know. [Update, 2007 January 4: Someone asked in the comments how to extract...
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