From the Much-Ado-About-Nothing department, Mike Milinkovich, the Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation, has criticized Microsoft for not approaching Eclipse to work on Interoperability.

"they never call," Milinkovich said. I recognize that Interop is often important for customers, but ... just what is Milinkovich asking for here?

The article said:

...users would benefit from cooperation between the two camps to provide interoperability, Milinkovich said. A company with, for example, developers building in .Net and on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform might want to see resulting applications be easily interoperable, he said.

In what way?  What's missing today?  I'm not an expert on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform, but can an app built on that platform not use the interop mechanisms that are available to any Java-based application - Web services, message queues, shared databases, shared files, POX doc exchange, and so on?  What is special about Eclipse that requires a specific interop initiative here?

And is it interop in the tools platform? or in the runtime? Milinkovich's example talked about the latter, which I think is pretty well covered. Teamprise and web services capabilities in VSTS seems to address the former.   What's missing?