Love it!  I previously posted about a beta of the JNBridge JMS Adapters.  I just got a form email from the company that they've publicly released their adapters. 

There's a version of the adpater for .NET apps - this allows any .NET app to connect to any JMS resource.  Think about that.  It's really useful.  If you have an IBM MQSeries queue, and you're using IBM's MQ JMS provider to get to it, you can use this new adapter to enable any .NET application to get to the same JMS resource.  The thing is based on the WCF Line-of-Business Adapter SDK, which means any .NET application that can consume a WCF endpoint, can use the adapter.

There's a similar adapter that works for BizTalk Server applications, but it is not WCF-based.  

These adapters work with any JMS server, and you don't have to change the JMS infrastructure to use them. They both use the .NET-to-Java bridging magic in JNBridgePro, so the .NET app actually connects into the JMS system via the JMS jars.  That's why you don't have to change anything.

You can download a trial version on