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May, 2008

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About All About Interop

This Blog is dedicated to exploring interop opportunities between .NET-based systems and other systems.  The key approaches to interop covered here include: Web services, REST/POX, message queues, dedicated bridges, and others. 

Dino Chiesa is the primary author of most of these articles.  Others may also contribute from time to time.

This blog won't carry human interest stories.  No birth or death notices, health or hobby updates, etc.  This is just interop. 

About the theme:
On July 23rd, 2007, I moved to the "Kid congo" theme for Community Server.  I added a few customizations to get the colors and layout the way I wanted them.  It uses a CSS-based layout. 

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    Emacs regex to grok csc compilation errors

    People have asked about this. This is the regular expression I use to allow emacs' next-error function to handle csc error messages. It is included in the emacs.el that I published previously . Here it is excerpted for convenience. ;; to allow next...
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    DotNetZip, open source library for .ZIP files, revs to v1.4

    I have updated DotNetZip, the open source Zip Library for .NET, to v1.4. Find it at . New features!! password support is here! Whoohoo!! This is PKzip (weak) encryption. Another new feature: you can now add entries...
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    Some uses of the Ionic DotNetZip library

    ASP.NET App that compresses a file as it is uploaded ASP.NET app to manipulate ZIP files as virtual directories or read-only resource containers. http://www...
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