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November, 2008

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This Blog is dedicated to exploring interop opportunities between .NET-based systems and other systems.  The key approaches to interop covered here include: Web services, REST/POX, message queues, dedicated bridges, and others. 

Dino Chiesa is the primary author of most of these articles.  Others may also contribute from time to time.

This blog won't carry human interest stories.  No birth or death notices, health or hobby updates, etc.  This is just interop. 

About the theme:
On July 23rd, 2007, I moved to the "Kid congo" theme for Community Server.  I added a few customizations to get the colors and layout the way I wanted them.  It uses a CSS-based layout. 

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    Geneva supports OASIS WS-Trust, SAML

    Last week at the PDC 2008, Microsoft released the public beta of “Geneva”. “Geneva” is three things: Geneva Server. This is a security token service (STS), as defined in the OASIS WS-Trust specification. This thing issues and transforms claims...
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    Connect WebSphere and Java applications to SQL Server

    FYI: The MS JDBC Driver is completely tested by IBM for use with WebSphere App Server v6.1 and v7.0. From the IBM Announcement for WebSphere Application Server v7.0 : WebSphere Application Server V7.0 does not include the WebSphere Connect JDBC driver...
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    Such a deal! MSDN for startups

    Today Microsoft announced BizSpark : This program gives ISV startup with less than USD$1m in annual revenue (lower amounts for some other countries - for example it's just USD$250k for Egypt) free access...
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    REST in WCF: Varying response content type based on HTTP Request Headers

    Damian Mehers made a comment on my blog post from April , but I felt it was worth a full reblog. Damian's used the same WCF extensibility points I used to produce some boilerplate that varies the response content type from JSON to XML, based on the...
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