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  • Blog Post: DotNetZip users: Please Test Unicode support (free zip library for .NET)

    DotNetZip is an open-source library to allow any .NET application to read and create zip files. If you want your ASP.NET page to grab an uploaded zipfile and unpack it on the server, DotNetZip can help you. If you want to generate a zipfile from a server-based app like an ASP.NET page and send it as...
  • Blog Post: Java and .NET interop via MSMQ

    How to connect a Java app to MSMQ, the queuing system that is integrated into Windows? The question gets asked often . There are a number of third party bridges , COM bridges , or even JMS layers on top of MSMQ. But I haven't seen any simple or free mechanisms. It's possible, though. MSMQ is exposed...
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