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  • Blog Post: Varying Content-Type according to the URL in a WCF REST Service

    My buddy Justin wrote about how to set the Content-Type headers in a WebGet method in a WCF REST app. Doing this would allow each WebGet method to specify its own Content-Type at runtime. After I summarized how to build a WCF REST app in a post a couple weeks ago, Kyle Beyer asked if there was a...
  • Blog Post: Standalone JSON library in .NET on CodePlex

    As you know, because you are such a FAITHFUL reader of this blog, there is new JSON support on WCF for version 3.5. The way you get JSON though, would be only through a service interface. But what if, for whatever reason, you cannot use .NET 3.5 (like maybe the corp standard where you work is still on...
  • Blog Post: Google Social Graph API via C#

    Here's something different for a blog that generally focuses on enterprisey technologies. A .NET guy in Denmark built a C# wrapper on Google's Social Graph API. The Social Graph API exposes its data in JSON only; I guess it is designed to be consumed by web pages. This dev put a C# wrapper together that...
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