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  • Blog Post: Open XML a superb standard - says Mono dude

    Slashdot reports that Miguel de Icaza, founder of GNOME and Mono, recently remarked in a Google groups discussion that Open XML is a “superb standard” and that the spec has been unfairly criticized. “ OOXML is a superb standard and yet, it has been FUDed so badly by its competitors that serious people...
  • Blog Post: Using Java to program openXML documents

    I've blogged about this before. Now I See there is a sourceforge project supporting the use of Java to access openXML docs. Brian Jones has the scoop:
  • Blog Post: Open XML Workshop in Redmond, March 13-15

    Want to learn about Open XML from the source? There's an opportunity coming up March 13-15 on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington. It's called the Open XML Deep Dive developer workshop . If you’re adopting Open XML, and need deep technical training on the details of the format, including the...
  • Blog Post: WordProcessingML doc creation in Java

    A while back, the website offered an example of how to create a WordProcessingML document from within Java code. I even referenced it briefly here . Remember, WordProcessingML is the document format produced and consumed by Microsoft Word 2007, and the format will also be supported...
  • Blog Post: Office XML Formats updated

    Microsoft has announced that the next version of Office (unofficially "Office 12") will deliver support for a new set of XML file formats. Calling them " the Microsoft Office Open XML Formats ", Microsoft wants to produce a more compact, simpler format that is more easily programmable, more reliable...
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